The Hobopop E.P.

Kirsty McGee · 2007

The Hobopop E.P.
  • Hobopop Recordings · HPCD003 | HPDL003
  • Formats: CD | DL
  • Produced by Mat Martin
  1. Share Croppers
  2. Killer Wasps
  3. Dust Devils
  4. Betray My trust
  5. No Way To Treat A Friend
  6. The Profit Song

The Hobopop E.P. – Rough-hewn demos and cover versions from Kirsty McGee and Mat Martin, featuring four demos for songs later to appear on the album ‘The Kansas Sessions’ and two cover versions, including one by producer of ‘The Kansas Sessions’, Mike West.

A great sister-disc to ‘The Kansas Sessions’, or for those people interested in the development of songs and the influences songwriters have on one another, and in a really live, bare sound on disc.

Kirsty McGee: Vocal, Guitar, Mandolin
Mat Martin: Banjo, Guitar, Tenor Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo Uke, Feet, Vocal

Produced by Mat Martin
Recorded in Glorious Lo-Fi by Mat Martin
Mastered by Steve Stewart at the Old Vicarage, Cambs
Artwork & Graphic Design: Mat Martin

All songs by Kirsty McGee except ‘Share Croppers’ by Kreg Viesselman and ‘Betray My Trust’ by Mike West.