Kirsty McGee · 2013

  • Hobopop Recordings · HPCD007 | HPDL007
  • Formats: CD | DL
  • Produced by Mike West (A), Kirsty McGee & Barkley McKay (B)

The song Sandman is from the album ‘The Kansas Sessions’ (HPCD004, 2008), and features in the 2013 movie ‘Trance’ by Danny Boyle.

Kirsty McGee: Vocal, Guitar
Mat Martin: Banjo Uke
Katie Euliss: String Bass
Colin Mahoney: Drums, Percussion
Larry Maxey: Clarinet

The song ‘Setting of the Sun’ is from the album ‘Contraband’ (HPCD007, 2012).

Kirsty McGee – Vocals, Guitar
Nick Blacka – Double Bass
Hugh Lawrence – Drums, Percussion
Barkley McKay – Piano, 1961 Hammond Organ, Glockenspeil
Clive Mellor – Harmonica

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  1. Sandman
  2. Setting Of The Sun