Kirsty McGee · 2013

  • Hobopop Recordings · HPCD007 | HPDL007
  • Formats: CD | DL
  • Produced by Mike West (A), Kirsty McGee & Barkley McKay (B)
  1. Sandman
  2. Setting Of The Sun

The song Sandman is from the album ‘The Kansas Sessions’ (HPCD004, 2008), and features in the 2013 movie ‘Trance’ by Danny Boyle.

Kirsty McGee: Vocal, Guitar
Mat Martin: Banjo Uke
Katie Euliss: String Bass
Colin Mahoney: Drums, Percussion
Larry Maxey: Clarinet

The song ‘Setting of the Sun’ is from the album ‘Contraband’ (HPCD007, 2012).

Kirsty McGee – Vocals, Guitar
Nick Blacka – Double Bass
Hugh Lawrence – Drums, Percussion
Barkley McKay – Piano, 1961 Hammond Organ, Glockenspeil
Clive Mellor – Harmonica

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